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It is the goal of each and every OB Sports managed facility to become instantly recognized as the highest quality and most enjoyable facility in its region.

Driving Revenue is our #1 Priority.

We build golf course brands relevant for the patrons they serve – some resort, some municipal, some daily fee, some private – all while we tuck our brand in the background only to lend our credibility. Our customized business formula has proven successful time and time again. We are passionate, experienced and highly skilled – and we are also a tight-knit family. Many of our club operators, superintendents, corporate team and leadership have been with OB Sports for well over a decade. As a result of our long-tenured employees at the club level and their clear understanding of the expectations that come with operating an OB Sports-managed facility, our efforts take hold and start producing results fast. We welcome the opportunity to assess how we can assist your golf course’s unique needs with our specialized service offerings and exceptional corporate support team.

Learn About What Makes Us Unique

Making Your Club the Star
An Eclectic Portfolio - By Design
Our approach is to evaluate each club's strengths and compliment those strengths with a customized, a la cart menu of golf-specific business services. This philosophy drives results for a variety of clubs across all categories - resort, daily fee, private and municipal.
OB Rewards
Loyalty + Rewards = Revenue
We have created an automated platform to capture invaluable contact information from loyal players who deserve to be rewarded. More sophisticated than any other loyalty program in golf, OB Rewards is a proven revenue producing program for OB Sports' participating clubs.
Proven Formulas
Customized Cardholder Programs
Unique clubs in unique markets often have a group of patrons with similar golf habits. They like to play the same club on the same day, they like to feel welcome and appreciated - and they like to get a great deal on tee times when they can. A club-branded card program, with benefits unique to your club, is a powerful revenue management tool.
Improving the Bottom Line
Private Club Expertise
Private clubs thrive on healthy memberships, high food and beverage utilization, a strong member programming and communications calendar - and proactively selling outside events. We place the best personnel for each key area of your club, ensuring that each of the key revenue driving and expense management roles are filled by the best-qualified, experienced candidates. Becoming part of a larger private club network will also improve your buying power and efficiencies in areas including accounting, HR and agronomy.
Our experienced tournament coordinators will make the planning process easy for you and create an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests.