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About OB Sports

About Us


Our Story began in 1972 when Orrin Vincent became the Director of Golf at a new facility called Edgewood Tahoe. Orrin handpicked a unique team of experts to assist him – individuals whose talents encompassed all aspects of the golf business. Under the title of OB Sports, this team began managing, building, and consulting for additional facilities throughout the country.

Over the years, OB Sports continued to grow into a highly knowledgeable team of business people who truly understood the golf market. How to find the best locations. How to make a facility unique. How to make each aspect of the facility profitable. How to build a strong team that could achieve greatness at a golf facility.

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Looking to the future, we find our company in a unique position as a truly comprehensive golf course company with expertise in all aspects of golf course development and operations. Our roots are firmly established in golf and our business formula has proven successful time and time again. Our team is talented, experienced and highly skilled. Please let us know if we can assist your golf course needs.

About Us