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HR & Accounting

Human Resources

There is nothing more important to the success of any golf property than a dedicated, experienced General Manager and support team.  The combination of astute budget management, a honed knowledge of revenue generation and stellar service is the standard expectation of all OB Sports operators.

OB Sports offers a comprehensive Employee Leasing alternative for managed facilities.  This process provides a “turn-key” solution for the human resources side of the business.  As a large-size employer, we have established a scalable platform of internal processes and procedures that ensures compliance and efficiency with respect to managing people.  As a result, the Course Owner realizes added value to their business and has the ability to focus on the production and delivery of its core products and/or services.

When these services are acquired, we hand select and employ the team that operates your club – this includes benefits management, injury claims and all other human resources matters.

Report, Coach, Improve


OB Sports performs a Centralized Accounting Service for more than 25 of our current golf course facilities. This process, performed out of our Scottsdale office, provides savings to the facility, and guarantees a consistent delivery of reports and services to our valued clients. We know that these financial services have proven to relieve some of the administrative burden off of the club, as well as provides savings.

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